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Mission-Focused Risk and Threat Intelligence

Seerist is more than a stream of news and social media. We help organizations understand how events impact threat, risk and security levels for every spot on the globe. Our platform and API deliver operational and strategic insight helping agencies make confident data-driven decisions and plan critical operations quicker and more efficiently.

Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), millions of data sources, geopolitical risk experts, and a team with prior military and government experience, Seerist understands the information government agencies need for their missions.

Explore how AI can save your organization 10,000 hours.

What Makes us Different

Seerist delivers a robust risk and threat intelligence solution that powers confident and smart decision-making. Our clients prefer knowing what is likely to happen, instead of waiting to see what happens so they can make more accurate decisions faster. With Seerist, you’re not just reacting ot the world around you, you’re staying one step ahead.

Explore the Seerist Solution.

Expert Human Analysis
  • Global threat coverage and expert analysis
  • In-depth country profiles and risk ratings
  • Inclusive geopolitical risk forecasting
  • 10-year security incident database

The Seerist Advantage

Intelligence-driven horizon scanning

AI-driven detection of anomalous activity

Near-instant event detection, notification, and reporting

Expert contectualization of evolving threat environments

Artificial Intelligence Insights
  • Events parsed from 6.8 million sources of OSINT
  • Short-term stability scoring and trend analysis
  • Customizable hotspot notifications
  • AI-generated risk assessment reports

Use Cases

As your trusted partner, we understand the importance of accurate timely information. Here are just a few places we help ensure your success.

Intelligence Analysis    24×7 Operations Centers Indications and Warning
Facility and Personnel Security    Border Security    Disaster Response and Recovery

  • Intelligence Analysis
  • 24×7 Operations Centers
  • Indications and Warning
  • Facility and Personnel Security
  • Border Security
  • Disaster Response and Recovery

Do More with the Seerist Platform

Threat Forecasting

Use Seerist’s AI-powered analytics to forecast potential threats before they materialize. Stay ahead of the curve and keep your citizens safe.

Risk Assessment

Evaluate the security and geopolitical risk levels and make informed decisions about resource allocation and strategic planning.

Decision Support

Leverage Seerist’s insights to support policy decisions, crisis management, and strategic initiatives.

Global Monitoring

Keep an eye on global, regional, and local events and understand their potential impact on your operations.


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Israel-Hamas SITREP

Israel - Get contextual insights on operational, political, and security risks related to the Israel - Hamas Conflict

96 Hour Blog - Kazakhstan

What 96 Hours Really Means in the Threat and Risk Industry

Discover FIRI

Seerist’s Foreign Influence Risk Index (FIRI) is a groundbreaking AI platform and API that offers an unparalleled view of global influence operations. Leveraging advanced AI algorithms and OSINT data sources, FIRI presents a data-driven dashboard to track, decode, analyze, and develop counter measures in foreign influence domains in real-time.

FIRI empowers organizations with a pioneering tool that transforms massive data into actionable insights. Enhance decision-making, fortify strategic operations, and counter foreign influence with FIRI’s comprehensive analysis, ensuring your organization remains a step ahead in great power competitions.

Seerist is trusted by government agencies around the world.

DoD Awards Seerist $95M IDIQ for use of Seerist technology

Seerist Secures Inclusion In The Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace

Seerist And Carahsoft Partner To Bring Unique Threat And Risk Intelligence Solutions To The Public Sector

"We found out about the attack {...} through a Seerist alert."

-Gov Ops Center Analyst

"What you just did in 10 minutes takes me three days."

-DoD Intelligence Officer

"This is like artificial intelligence you see in the movies."

-DoD Operations officer

Partnering with Seerist Federal

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