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The Mission Behind Our Risk Intelligence Software


\ see-er \ əst \

noun: Seerist; plural noun: There is only one.
1. the organization protecting the world by predicting the future
2. the first augmented analytics platform combining AI and expert human analysis
3. an empowered, strategic decision maker; you

Seerist, a leading risk intelligence software, sees what could be so you can embrace it – or avoid it.

Seerist, as a premier risk intelligence software, exists to help our clients navigate a risky world by preparing them for potential events that may be highly disruptive to their operations.

We do this by combining intelligence from both machines and humans.  Each constantly evolving to distill millions of data points into risk assessments that are neither guesses nor gambles – they are potentialities based on proof, past experience, and hard-won expertise.

Covering the World with a Global Presence

Our headquarters is Reston, Viriginia but our people are everywhere. We have a presence across ten countries with hubs in London, Copenhagen, Singapore, Mexico City, San Francisco, Houston, Washington, DC and New York.

Meet a few of the people operating behind your screens.

Chief Architect

With a passion for data, innovation and solving ‘impossible’ software engineering and analytic problems, Brett helps innovate and evolve Seerist’s architecture.

Chair, Technology & Innovation Committee

The master of taking ideas to the next level, Omar helped formulate the first ideation of Seerist on a napkin before running with the idea, launching it into the stratosphere, and now helping shape technology and innovation.

Head of Product

Making Seerist dreams into realities, Agnes brings our product visions to life to ensure our clients receive the best solution to tackle their threat intelligence needs.

Chief Executive Officer

A proven leader with years of experience mitigating risk, no one is better suited than Jim to help our clients stay strategically strong and lead our innovative team.

Head of Global Sales

The driving force behind our corporate efforts, Victoria spearheads Seerist’s sales for corporate entities and guides prospects through our solution’s process.

Chief Engineer Officer

In the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of software technology, Chad strategically implements cutting-edge platform updates and keeps our fully remote team strong and efficient.

President – Seerist Federal

Strategically directing Seerist Federal, John leads the charge to bring augmented analytic solutions to government organizations to advance their operations, ensuring mission success

Head of Customer Success-Americas

Keeping a pulse on the North and South American market, Kevin oversees a team who ensures corporate clients are mitigating risk anywhere from Canada to Chile.

Head of Customer Success-EMEA and APAC

Ensuring that Seerist’s clients across Europe, the Middle East and Africa are building trusted relationships and have an exceptional experience is Tom and his team’s passion.

Global Controller

Leveraging her background in international accounting principles, procedures, and initiatives, Stephanie keeps Seerist above board on all financial activities.

Chief Technology Officer

Matt, leading the charge in our risk intelligence platform’s data revolution, combines AI and machine learning to set new industry standards.

Head of Human Resources

As Seerist’s HR Swiss Army knife, Janet enhances the employee experience from diversity & inclusion to benefits and personnel development to team building.

Chief Product Officer

It’s not easy trailblazing the augmented analytics realm, but Tim doesn’t break a sweat as he expertly navigates innovative product launches to keep Seerist ahead of the curve.

Chief Marketing Officer

Pioneering the global brand strategy for Seerist’s threat and risk intelligence solution, Aleassa guides the team broadcasting Seerist’s vision onto the world’s stage.

Head of Global Technical Sales

Our clients’ success is integral to our progress, so Allyson and her team champion Seerist’s user to ensure they always have a trusted partner in their corner.

Head of Intelligence

Bringing augmented analytics to life, Allison ensures that our vision of combining expert analysis with our advanced AI tools brings the future forward.

Let us back up our mild bravado.

We are admittedly quite confident in the Seerist platform. But we know talk is cheap. Let us prove just how powerfully our platform can perform.

Investors in Seerist

Meet the visionary organizations who have recognized the immense possibilities that Seerist and its augmented analytics risk intelligence software offer to the threat and risk intelligence industry.

Awards for Our Threat and Risk Intelligence Solution

New Product of the Year award in the Security and Risk Intelligence category.

 Best Threat Intelligence Solution

Best Geopolitical Risk Analytics
Technology Company

Careers at Seerist

Become part of the team behind the world’s leading risk intelligence software, where cutting-edge AI meets expert human analysis.

We relentlessly pursue customer-centric, high quality solutions, yet also recognize and value diversity, trust, transparency, empathy, fun and flexibility.

We invest in personal growth and know our success comes from failures wrapped in lessons learned.

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