Seerist Government

Seerist's threat intelligence platform offers local expertise with worldwide reach

If you act like a government, don’t act without us.

Seerist, formerly Geospark Analytics, isn’t just for the U.S Government. Whether you’re a government agency at the local level or an NGO, we have organizations putting our platform to the test daily. Why?

Simply put, we’re the only threat intelligence platform that automates the AI-powered collection and analysis of millions of data points daily and pairs that machine learning magic with expert political analysts on the ground.

So the information we deliver can, when called upon, be the sole basis for making strategic decisions.

Seerist Federal: If you work with people on a "need-to-know" basis, we're the people you need to know.

Seerist Federal, a robust threat intelligence platform, is contracted with the U.S. federal government. Which means if you work for a federal agency, you can leverage the power of the Seerist platform to further your agency’s mission, in the realm of threat intelligence platform. From identifying instability and forecasting emerging risks to helping navigate impending natural disasters and your responses to them, Seerist Federal delivers clarity amidst the chaos.

We’ve got the tools and we’ve got the talent.

The Seerist Solution

We combine the power of augmented analytics and machine learning with expert in-location human analysis to deliver a threat intelligence platform that is easy to understand and easy to trust. Our platform isn’t just next level, it’s the mountaintop.

The Team

From former intelligence officers and Navy SEALs to the sharpest developers this side of…well, we can’t name their former agencies. Suffice it to say, our team doesn’t just dabble in threat and risk analysis. It’s all most of us have ever done. And it’s all we do now.

We’ve passed the test. Let us pass yours.

We recognize that federal contractor approval doesn’t guarantee exceptional performance. Allow us to demonstrate the prophetic capabilities of our threat intelligence platform. We assure you, it will be a valuable investment of your time.

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