3 Tips to Build the Best Global Security Operations Center

Today’s Global Security Operations Center, or GSOC, is required to be successful despite a long list of challenges that seem to be increasing in type and severity. To be successful, security leaders are required to constantly evaluate their processes, their technology, their resources, and their team’s efficiency. 

If leaders aren’t dedicating time and money to establish an effective GSOC or aren’t sure how to ensure their GSOC is successful when faced with all these challenges, then the business is at risk. It doesn’t take much for a cyber criminal to infiltrate and wreak havoc on your financial records. Or maybe your top-producing manufacturer is based in a city where a political figure makes a polarizing decision and violent protests break out putting your employees’ lives at stake or disrupting your supply chain. Whatever the disruption, your organization needs a GSOC that is ready and able to jump over every hurdle. Daunting? Yes. Impossible? Not with the right GSOC strategy in place.

Critical GSOC Tips

Here are three things to consider to ensure your Global Security Operations Center is ready to protect your business. 

  1. Navigate data overload.

The amount of data available today is hard to comprehend. This much information circulating on a continuous basis is overwhelming, and most likely, distracting. Your GSOC will not be able to identify the important events if the team has to parse through every alert and notification. The use of technologies like AI and ML is essential. Without it, your analysts will be stuck in the weeds, forever operating in reactive mode. The best GSOCs are able to move past this state of data overload and use their time to forecast and mitigate potential disruptions before they become a full-blown crisis.

  1. Manage Your Human Capital.

If your GSOC team is spending more time reading alerts than creating analysis for senior leaders to make more informed decisions, then your people are not working efficiently or effectively for your business. If you can accomplish tip one above, then your team will be able to become decision-making advocates. They’ll be able to review tons of intelligence in a timely manner and share thoughts and summaries of this data with decision makers, who, as a result, can make better choices for the business. Knowing about major events and disruptions won’t do it. It’s about having a team that is leveraging this intel to help leaders prepare for what may be coming down the pike next. Those working in a GSOC need to be given the education and training, as well as the tools to make this possible. These investments will ensure your Global Security Operations Center is both efficient and effective.

  1. Consider all options: Insource versus Outsource.

Working with trusted partners and outsourcing specific business needs is nothing new. It can be the perfect solution for many organizations that do not have the ability to staff and run a GSOC internally. As it will take time and money to build a GSOC from the ground up, turning to an established vendor is a viable option. For other organizations, the time and money spent building an internal GSOC is the right solution. 

Organizations that choose the in-house GSOC strategy will leverage technology support from third-party vendors that specialize in software that parses through the data circulating around the globe. These tools make it possible for internal GSOCs to avoid alert fatigue and spend their time more wisely – analyzing relevant security intelligence and delivering timely and thoughtful analysis that aids leaders in devising strategies for the organization.

Prioritizing Your Global Security Operations Center

With the innovation of social media and the dark web, information travels in nanoseconds; and it no longer takes the “bad guys” years to plan their attacks. In fact, it’s all too easy for disruptions to be perfectly timed with rush hour traffic or the transport of a massive shipment of food, oil, or even weaponry. But if your organization’s GSOC is leveraging the right tech tools and is aligning with the right risk and threat partners, your organization will know the minute an event begins. And even better, be able to forecast possible disruptions and stay at least one step ahead.

Better Navigate GSOC Challenges and Priorities with Seerist

Seerist’s augmented analytics solution combines AI, machine learning, and expert human analysis to deliver trustworthy threat intelligence. By automating the collection of global data, capturing various shifts and swings, and filtering out the noise, Seerist provides valuable insights. These insights are seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly dashboard, ensuring swift and dependable decision-making in crucial moments.

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