Access to Seerist Core Ends

31 December 2023

With access to Seerist Core ending after 2023, we look forward to having a proactive discussion with you and your organization to discuss your options. Prior to your renewal date, you will receive a proposal to migrate you onto the new platform.

Seerist is proud to offer the most advanced threat and risk intelligence solution on the market. With cutting-edge AI capabilities and the expertise of 300+ geopolitical analysts, through our exclusive partnership with Control Risks, Seerist provides a powerful solution that enables proactive, strategic decision-making.

Take a look at how Seerist’s solution enabled clients to better understand emerging unrest in Kazakhstan in 2022 (you can find our other use cases here):

Seerist – Kazakhstan Case Study



Our sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, paired with machine learning and natural language processing, forecast future potential threats and risks, allowing users to analyze global chatter, forecast potential threats, and gain insights that enable quick and reliable decisions when it matters most. Seerist’s map-based application makes it easy to explore, uncover, and assess trends and risks. Plus, Seerist’s expert intelligence team not only verifies events happening on the ground, but provides input to the content generated by the AI enabling the outputs to continually improve.

Importantly, Seerist combines the most advanced technology capabilities with the human expert analysis that you have come to know and trust. Seerist is the exclusive provider of Control Risks’s expert country reports, ratings, and analysis to bring you the best of both human generated analysis and insight coupled with the power of real-time and predictive data. No other risk and threat monitoring solution can offer a complete solution.

In addition to the content you already know and love, Seerist also offers the following features:

  1. Pulse AI: A machine learning model that predicts potential disruptions in stability by generating updated scores for countries, regions, and cities in real-time.
  2. The Latest Page: Your one-stop-shop for discovering the latest developments and expert insights on a global scale. Get access to an elections monitor and updates on evacuation levels. Quickly and easily uncover changes in stability for multiple countries at a glance with the Pulse Delta feature.
  3. The Watch Dashboard: Provides visual data that can be used to monitor, share, and predict risks in a selected location, enabling a quick understanding of the impact on operations, assets, and people.
  4. Verified Event Charts: A tool that allows users to extract meaningful insights from large sets of verified event data through visual charts. Advanced filters for specific types of events, such as security and maritime incidents, make it easy to analyze trends and find exactly what you’re looking for.
  5. Alerts: Real-time notifications of events/incidents of concern or any changes in Pulse Score or Hotspots. Alerts are customizable, so you receive the information that matters most.
  6. Visualization Event Tracking: Seerist provides simple map overlays that visually communicate important information such as overall stability levels, anomalous activity, search results, and custom alert content.

The predictive capabilities and expert analysis provide users with the insights and information needed to stay ahead of potential threats and risks to make strategic decisions that deliver quicker and more effective outcomes potentially saving lives and assets.

Seerist is already empowering former users of Core in identifying and mitigating risks to their organizations. We look forward to welcoming you onto the platform, too!

Talk to your Seerist client success manager today before your access to Seerist Core ends.

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