Seerist is the world’s most comprehensive threat and risk intelligence platform.

There's no time like the present to see the future.

Delivering insights before you need it.

Seerist anticipates and delivers relevant insights using OSINT data that is human-verified and expertly analyzed to enable security and intelligence professionals to make informed, confident decisions regarding current and future risks.

Identify trends in threat data

Forecast and detect disruptive events

Monitor regional and in-country stability

Provide insight for critical decisions

Filter data for analysis and action

Assess global geopolitical risk

Identify trends in threat data

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Seerist automates the collection and distillation of millions of global datasets to spot trends that may elevate risk. Our expert analysts use localized knowledge to verify and hone those predictions.

Predict and detect disruptive events

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You can’t see everything or be everywhere at once. But Seerist can. So you’ll always know about potentially disruptive events even if they’re in places that were off your radar.

Filter data for analysis and action

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Seerist constantly monitors millions of datapoints to create a baseline of what’s normal. When that normalcy goes askew – whether in travel patterns, social media chatter, or a dozen other variables, we know it instantly. And so do you.

Monitor regional and in-country stability

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When the stability of a given region or nation begins trending towards turmoil, Seerist keeps tabs on all the chatter so you’re never caught off guard.

Forecast global geopolitical risk

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Given its vast scope and prescient focus, Seerist acts as your early warning system for whatever situations you currently dread most. But can now avoid or preemptively prepare for well in advance.

Provide insight for critical decisions

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Seerist delivers easy-to-access, easy-to-understand strategic reports that take the guesswork out of risk assessment, so you can act swiftly and assuredly.

Seerist helps security, risk, and intelligence professionals in anticipating and mitigating potential threats through its advanced risk intelligence platform.

Which Seerist is best for you?

Insightful information made actionable

If you prefer proof to prose, we invite you to take Seerist and the Seerist platform for a spin. Complimentary, of course.

Helping Organizations Make Smarter Decisions Sooner

You don’t need to be a globe-spanning business to appreciate the benefits of Seerist. But if you are, that works just as well. Our threat and risk intelligence platform work for all sizes, industries, and government agencies. Most often, we are charged with helping our clients in the following areas:

  • Asset and people protection
  • Benchmarking assets/locations/facilities
  • Strategic planning based on geopolitical risks
  • Risk analysis for global security teams
  • Supply chain monitoring
  • Anticipating and forecasting location stability
  • Travel planning
  • Disaster response and recovery

Geopolitical Expert Analysts

90+ expert analysts. On-the-ground analysis in 30 countries. Unbeatable actionable insights on topics that matter most to you and your organization.

In addition to open sources, in-location experience, and contact networks, our geopolitical analysts are trained in a wide variety of backgrounds to ensure holistic short- and long-form evaluations of risk and developments across political and security issues so that your analysis is verified and tailored to where you need it.

Artificial intelligence powering machine learning

The Seerist solution automates the collection of millions of data points using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that we pioneered and continue to develop. Our algorithms sift through data to uncover patterns of instability or shifting sentiments that could impact your interests within our risk intelligence platform.

On a daily basis, Seerist’s AI provides 1.5 million activity and stability calculations, analyzes more than 100,000 articles and 50,000 social media posts, and detects 8,000+ events. It delivers real-time risk reports in every country, 8,000 regions and 1,200 cities across the globe. 

A few of the ways our clients rely on Seerist

One of the world’s largest logistics providers received an email alert from the Seerist platform warning of potential impacts to their Mediterranean transportation and shipping operations due to increasing civil unrest in Italy stemming from skyrocketing fuel prices. This was three days before a proposed truckers’ strike and early enough to allow for contingency plans to be activated. By prepositioning deliveries and rerouting essential goods through other EU nations, our client avoided a potentially catastrophic event as the unrest unfolded.
Seerist’s AI picked up on increasing suppression of opposition politicians and activists as President Daniel Ortega sought to squash resistance leading up to the November elections. As Seerist picked up on more and more un- or under-reported (in major media) incidents, our stability score for the country dropped. And dropped. And dropped some more. This, combined with other reported measures on the Seerist platform allowed our clients to rethink and reconfigure their business dealing within the country in the most expeditious manner possible.
With over 30 staff members spread across ten Ukrainian cities, a technology company needed to know how events on the ground were affecting those people and their operations. To do so, they tasked their security team with providing three situation reports per day for their executives so they could stay abreast of the situation. Instead of attempting to corral and coordinate enough analysts who could handle the rapid-fire workload, the team turned to the Seerist platform. With it, they could monitor stability in each of the cities, verify events instead of depending on noise-filled chatter, and rely on human analysis to confirm what was happening on the ground. These insights also allowed the team to understand the broader implications of each event, which helped company leaders make smarter strategic decisions more quickly.
Protestors across Colombia took to the streets in opposition to a proposed tax overhaul they felt favored the wealthy at the expense of the working class. These protests were of no surprise to our clients as the Seerist platform had shown decreasing stability in the country for weeks – including a sharp decline on April 21. Thanks to the combined efforts of our AI and on-the-ground analysts, our clients had ample time to act as the sought to protect their people, assets, and interests.
A Russian transport aircraft deviated from its flightpath en route to Nicaragua from Venezuela and into Colombian airspace. The Colombian Air Force scrambled and intercepted the plane and escorted it back to its correct heading. But what appeared to most in the outside world as an isolated incident was only the latest in a line of events straining relations between Colombia and its neighbor, Venezuela. Each of those events, along with other contextual intel and analysis, filled our clients’ daily alerts about the growing tensions in the region. Allowing them to take whatever steps they deemed necessary to safeguard their own people and operations.
I go to your platform first, every time. What used to take us 8 hours now takes 2, and the quality of our products has increased due to using Seerist.
Homeland Security User
I was getting immediate reports and sending them up the chain even before people in the field knew about it.
Law Enforcement User
Due to the complexity of our operations, we went with the CORE product [now from Seerist] for it’s extensive possibilities in risk monitoring, situational awareness and threat identification
Major International Airline

Your info your way.

Seerist provides a user-friendly dashboard for viewing alerts, updates, and other vital information. But for those wanting the deepest integration with their own systems, we offer the Seerist REST API.

Our API easily allows you to incorporate any Seerist dataset into your own applications. Common uses include querying the Events AI, Hotspots, and other need-to-know-right-now data, along with easy access to previous data and saved searches.

Take a serious look at Seerist.

If you’ve made it this far on the page, chances are you’re intrigued about our risk intelligence platform. Take it one step further and request a demo today.

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Gain insight into trends and gauge public perception surrounding events and potential elevated risk by exploring changes in sentiment and emotion and the underlying factors.

You can’t see everything or be everywhere at once. But Seerist can, so you’ll always know about potentially disruptive events even if they’re in places that weren’t on your radar.

Obtain a greater understanding of a country’s political, operational, security and cyber landscape with a color-coded, qualitative assessment of current levels of risk to operations.

Our easily digestible strategic analysis, with source information, takes the guesswork out of threat and risk assessment, so organizations can review likely scenarios and make rapid, strategic decisions.

Quickly parse vast amounts of data using keywords, locations, event types, and date filters, getting location-specific events and expert analysis to better interpret information and act upon it.

Our algorithm delivers real-time stability assessments and forecasts future stability for more than 1,200 cities, 8,000 regions, and every country in the world, providing an early-warning system to mitigate disruptive events.