A Recap of Risks & Threats from Q4 2022

The Seerist solution is designed to give risk and threat intelligence professionals access to critical insights and expert analysis to better forecast and strategize for a rapidly evolving threat landscape. Each day, our platform impacts the strategic decisions leaders make and helps to protect people, assets, and organizations across the globe.  

Leveraging the content and data that the solution generates and analyzes daily, coupled with our intelligence team’s expert perspective, we recently released our Q4 2022 Security Verified Event Report, detailing global trends pertaining to terrorism, unrest, terrorism, war, and crime. 

Key insights shared in the report include declining terrorism events, driven by a sustained drop in Islamist terrorism incidents, and increasing unrest driven by economic considerations such as inflation, cost of living, and fuel prices. The report also reveals the top 10 countries for war, terrorism, crime, and unrest events, as well as what the security industry and C-suite leaders should keep in mind as we progress further into Q1 2023 and beyond. 

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