Seerist Q1 2024 Upgrades and Features Enhance Risk Readiness

Threat and risk professionals now have access to expanded country coverage, maritime risk monitoring, early warning detection, and more to help keep assets safe

RESTON, VA, 18 April 2024 – Seerist, Inc., the leading intelligence, threat, and security solution, continues its commitment to accelerating decision-making processes with the integration of several cutting-edge capabilities in Q1 2024. These enhancements underscore Seerist’s commitment to empowering organizations with actionable insights, enabling proactive, efficient, and confident risk management across their global operations.

“In our relentless pursuit to provide the most comprehensive solution for forecasting, monitoring, and contextualizing threats and risks, Seerist remains steadfast in our commitment to empower organizations with unparalleled insights,” said Jim Brooks, Chief Executive Officer, Seerist, Inc. “These latest enhancements underscore our dedication to not only meeting, but exceeding the information needs of our clients, enabling them to navigate the complexities of the global risk landscape with confidence and foresight regardless of where they operate.”

Key enhancements and new features include:

  • Future Events: Future Events enables users to identify upcoming events of significance and more effectively anticipate and navigate future challenges. Covering a range of areas from protests and activism to political and geopolitical events of significance, the functionality enables users to anticipate and prepare for future events.
  • Expanded Country Coverage with Enhanced Scenarios: Seerist enables organizations to move beyond hypotheticals to incorporate risk readiness planning for 85 additional countries with detailed outlooks and scenarios. The enhanced scenarios include actionable triggers to monitor against, dynamic updates, and implications these scenarios may have across a variety of sectors.
  • Expansion of data models: Seerist has further enhanced its data modeling capabilities to support client needs with the launch of two new natural language event models to cover ‘coups’ and ‘elections’. These address the increasing demand for users to monitor indicators of political risks and unrest within news and social media to forecast potential coups.
  • Maritime Risk Monitoring: To enable users to gain greater insight into potential maritime and port risks, new rating tripwires facilitate risk alerting specifically for water-based operations and assets.
  • Mobile Pulse AI and Scribe AI Enhancements: Seerist has enhanced its mobile application allowing users to stay connected even when disconnected by adding Pulse AI to keep users informed on changing country stability and Scribe AI to generate real-time reports to understand the drivers of stability changes in 8,000 regions around the world.


Seerist, Inc. enables global corporations, governments, and organizations to navigate a volatile and uncertain world by preparing them for potential events that could be highly disruptive to their operations. Seerist is the first augmented analytics solution for risk and threat analysis, delivers greater levels of accuracy and relevance than any alternative technology or service. It combines cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology parsing millions of data points with human analysis drawing on decades of insight enabling users to better predict what will happen allowing them to make rapid, strategic, and reliable decisions when it matters most. To learn more, visit

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