There’s a lot to be excited about with this latest upgrade to the Seerist solution. Take a deep dive into the newest features, along with some example searches to try.

Analysis Tab

The new Analysis tab brings our human- and AI-generated content closer together and is your one-stop-shop to find the content you’re looking for.

  • While still viewable via the Risk & Stability pane and Watch dashboard, you can now more easily access country-specific content and analyses from the Search menu
  • The Analysis tab can be found in the Search pane under Events
  • Within the Analysis tab, you can filter by all risk types and sub types
  • Keyword searches allow you to search through the title and body of the analysis
  • Toggle between Analysis and Events when searching for content (be on the lookout for mixed searches in the future 👀)

Location Tab

  • Now consolidated in the Search pane, you can use the Location filter to browse Analysis by Map Extent, My Places, and Geographies

Saved Queries & Content Folders

  • Analytical content can now be filtered, retained as a saved search, and added to content folders
  • In a platform-first, we’re excited to announce you can extract analytical content into a downloadable Word document

Example Searches

  • Select one or more regions and type “outlook” into the keyword search to find monthly regional outlooks
  • If you’d like to maintain use of Map Extent to find analysis, any visible country on your screen will appear in the results pane
  • City searches will have the associated country tagged in its analysis
  • When searching for all analysis, select “All Data” from the Location tab

The sooner you act, the sooner we can act together.

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