Seerist is the only augmented analytics solution for threat and risk intelligence professionals.

Act today and prevail tomorrow.

Seerist sifts through the noise of global chatter, forecasts potential threats, and offers insights enabling rapid, reliable decision-making when it matters most.

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From corporate supply chains to NGOs offering aid to government security details, Seerist delivers an exceptionally robust threat and risk intelligence solution that takes the guesswork out of what you should do now and helps you forecast what comes next.

You have assets worth protecting.

Pulling data from millions (literally) of sources, distilling it, deciphering it, and deciding how to, or if, to act upon it requires a level of risk intelligence, resources, logistics, and expertise you may not want or be able to adequately invest in.

Instead of going it alone, go with Seerist. Our clients prefer knowing what is likely to happen, instead of waiting to see what happens, so they can make smarter decisions sooner, rather than later. 

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A few of the impressive parties we keep prepared with our threat and risk intelligence.

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