Governor’s Arrest Prompts Bolivian Transportation Blockades and Government Buildings Attacks

On December 28, Bolivian police officers arrested Santa Cruz Governor Luis Fernando Camacho on terrorism charges. Immediately following the arrest, Camacho’s supporters, who refer to his arrest as a kidnapping, took to the streets as protests erupted across the region. Seerist’s Pulse score indicated declining stability prior to the arrest and kept users aware of ongoing unrest and transportation disruptions.

December 26, 2022

Pulse Stability Score Begins Steep Decent

Pulse, Seerist’s stability score, started a downward trend from 43 before eventually reaching 27 on December 31 – seven points below Bolivia’s 60-day average range

December 28, 2022

Santa Cruz Governor Arrested (Verified Events)
Luis Camacho, governor of Santa Cruz, the largest region of Bolivia, was arrested

Protesters rejected the arrest of the governor
and blocked an airstrip at Viru Viru International
Airport and temporarily obstructed operations at
El Trompillo National Airport

Protesters in Montero and Santa Cruz City blocked highways, vandalized buildings, burned vehicles, and demanded the liberation of Camacho

December 30, 2022

Transportation Hotspot Triggered After Confrontations Between Civilians and Police
Following Camacho’s arrest, protesters demanding his release were met with tear gas from police officers

Protesters burned vehicles, tires, and sticks in the middle of the streets and set up barricades with bars and sheet metal blocking any through traffic

December 30, 2022

Political Stability to Decrease, Civil Unrest Risks to Rise Following Governor’s Arrest (Analysis*)
The Bolivian police arrested Camacho on charges of terrorism linked to the political crisis of 2019 and ousting of former president, Evo Morales

Civil unrest was predicted to increase, especially in areas supportive of the opposition like Santa Cruz and Cochabamba where operational challenges were also predicted to increase

Political uncertainty was also forecasted asthe relationship between Santa Cruz andLa Paz further deteriorates

December 31, 2022

Continued Unrest Generates Additional Hotspot

As tensions continued to rise, the Bolivian police maintain they have used “rational” amounts of force

Escalating from burning vehicles, protesters attacked several state properties, including the Public Ministry of Santa Cruz, Police Command, Palace of Justice, and Sereci

In addition to the destruction of state buildings, the Minister of Public Works also fell prey to arsonists as his home was set on fire

While Camacho’s arrest is highly polarized across the Santa Cruz region, it will likely empower radical voices who seek a more federal system that grants local governments more freedom.

*Analysis provided by strategic partnership with Control Risks

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