Seerist Relies on AI and ML Built by Geospark Analytics.

Geospark Analytics, one of the two companies that merged to create Seerist, was founded in 2017 with the primary purpose of forecasting emerging events on a global scale to mitigate risks and recognize threats. Its flagship product, Hyperion, leveraged AI technology to continuously assess and alert users to breaking events, spikes in activity, and drops in stability in every country, covering the entire globe at machine speed.

An early and significant differentiator for Geospark Analytics was its innovative AI engine and machine learning models: Events, Hotpots, and Pulse. These models gave users the information they need, where they need it, before they need it. The models also categorized breaking events, detected abnormal activity levels, assessed changes to stability, and provided continuously updated political, social and economic events and stability forecasts at country and region levels – providing both simple and intuitive data discovery and robust monitoring and analysis.

Government Roots Propel Geospark Analytics’ Success

Many of the early team members at Geospark Analytics had very deep roots and experience working with and in the U.S. Federal Government, which gave the organization a strong roster of clients that spanned corporate, NGO, and government agencies. A few of the government agencies the company secured contracts with included the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), U.S. Air Force, and Federal Emergency Management Agency, just to name a few.

In February 2020, Geospark Analytics became an official member of the Esri Partner Network. This partnership allowed the Geospark Analytics data and risk assessment models to be available to the Esri community. In a press release announcing this partnership, Esri executive Jeff Wilson stated, “We are excited to have Geospark Analytics join Esri’s partner community and offer their AI models and insights as a content service to the ArcGIS community and beyond. Their global event and stability data, combined with our users’ geospatial content, will provide a unique new capability for decision making and planning, and assessing strategic opportunity and risk.”

Two years later, Geospark Analytics received the Federal Small Business Award for Collaboration at the 2022 Esri Partner Conference (EPC). The company was one of six Esri partners recognized at the conference for excellence in their work with Esri in the US Federal Government market.

Pioneering the Future of Risk Intelligence

One important piece of Geospark’s history is the initial meeting with Control Risks, the leading global risk and strategic consulting firm in 2018.  Control Risks was looking for technology partners who could complement their CORE human analysis services, and Geospark Analytics thought Control Risks could be a great client for its AI-driven Hyperion platform. While nothing came of the initial meeting in 2018, a mutual client re-introduced the companies in 2020, and the seeds of Seerist were planted.

Seerist is the result of the merged Control Risks’ CORE online platform with the AI and machine learning from Geospark Analytics’ Hyperion platform. The result is the only solution that integrates on-the-ground expert human analysis with AI specifically designed to deliver early, actionable and strategic insight for corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government organizations.

Seerist Unveils the First Augmented Analytics Solution

With the launch of Seerist, Control Risks and Geospark Analytics leaders accelerated their vision to create an organization solely focused on harnessing the power of AI and expert human analysis, enabling them to innovate threat and risk intelligence solutions much quicker.

In the launch press release, Seerist CEO Jim Brooks stated, “Seerist is solely focused on delivering the most advanced threat and risk intelligence solution on the market. Continuously enhancing and expanding the capabilities of the solution is our only mission, in order to ensure clients have the data and information they need to make critical decisions to help them save people, assets, resources, and time. The extent of critical, yet unsolved challenges facing businesses and governments in the threat and risk marketplace is unpalatable. Seerist is uniquely positioned to change that dynamic.”

Seerist Marks Milestones in Debut Year

Since its debut, Seerist has gone on to announce several new contracts, such as expanded relationships with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Conflict Observatory. In addition, the platform has benefited from countless enhancements, including the launch of county-level artificial intelligence (AI) stability assessments. This addition to the Seerist solution is the first county-by-county risk and stability assessment. During its debut year, Seerist also integrated updates that allow users to receive significant contextual intelligence, extract meaning from the data “noise” and further customize the solution to target critical areas important to an organization’s operations. Another exciting accomplishment for Seerist during its inaugural year was the appointment of three intelligence and security experts, Karen Schaefer, Robert Cardillo, and General (Ret.) Ray Palumbo, to Seerist Federal’s Board of Directors in September 2022.

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