Seerist’s Security Threat Intelligence Tool Expands Capabilities

Seerist delivers on an accelerated integration timeline six months post-merger of Hyperion and Core solutions


HERNDON, VA, 18 January 2023 – Seerist Inc., the leading augmented analytics solution for threat and security professionals, today announced it is rolling out new capabilities to elevate the value of the solution. In addition, the company has nearly completed the integration of human analysis content previously only accessible via its CORE solution.

These updates allow users to receive significant contextual intelligence, extract meaning from the data “noise” and further customize the solution to target critical areas important to an organization’s operations. With this move, Seerist solidifies its position as the leading solution in the market, enabling organizations to use critical insights and extensive analysis to better forecast and strategize for a  rapidly evolving threat landscape.

“Delivering the very best risk and threat management solution is our primary goal,” said John Goolgasian, Chief Product and Innovation Officer at Seerist. “Getting our legacy solutions fully integrated was the first step, but now we’re heavily focused on ensuring the value that users are getting out of the solution as it continues to expand. That includes continually looking at the data science being developed, enhancing insightful and actionable content, and adding new ways to report out on the data. The list goes on and on and we’ve barely scratched the surface with the opportunities that augmented analytics can provide to threat, risk and security users.”

Capabilities to Stay Ahead of Disruptive Risks and Threats

Seerist is continuously improving its functionality and feature set to ensure users get more from the solution.  Some of the most recent releases include:

  • Everything At-a-Glance – The launch of the “Latest” page enables users to quickly identify changes in regional or country stability around the globe with Pulse Delta, a sortable list view for Pulse. This feature allows users to quickly track potential disruptions and develop a strategy. Latest also showcases the newest insights published by experts.
  • Extract Meaning from Noise – Verified Events empowers users to effortlessly uncover valuable insights from vast amounts of data, ensuring accuracy through expert validation. Dynamic charts and filter options enable users to identify event types relevant to their specific mission.
  • Assess Potential Cyberterrorism Impact – Based on multi-source intelligence gathering and a proprietary cyber threat database where users can access the most accurate and up-to-date information to stay ahead of emerging and current threats, as well as understand tactics and behaviors of key threat actors
  • Quickly Ascertain Volume of Disruptions – New heatmaps provide a clear, visual overview of the density and location of events allowing users to pinpoint potential threats near their assets and understand the scale and implication of disruptions.  

“Seerist was born out of the desire to bring a much more useful threat and risk intelligence solution to the market. As the only augmented analytics solution in this space, organizations are able to access the best of human-generated geopolitical insights, coupled with near-real-time data,” said Jim Brooks, Seerist’s CEO. “To bring augmented analytics to life, we needed to tightly integrate our expert geopolitical content, through our strategic partnership with Control Risks, with our technology-driven capabilities to make the outputs smarter and more actionable for users. Within six months, we’ve integrated 95% of that content, while also adding new features that derive key benefits.”

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Seerist Enhances Security Threat Intelligence with Advanced Analytics Integration

Seerist’s augmented analytics solution combines AI, machine learning, and expert human analysis to deliver trustworthy threat intelligence. By automating the collection of global data, capturing various shifts and swings, and filtering out the noise, Seerist provides valuable insights. These insights are seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly dashboard, ensuring swift and dependable decision-making in crucial moments.

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