Advanced Risk Intelligence Solutions: A New Era by Seerist

Seerist offers unrivaled security and risk intelligence using real-time artificial intelligence being learned by human analysis

HERNDON, VA, 2 August 2022 – Seerist, Inc. launches today as the world’s leading advanced risk intelligence solutions provider of augmented analytics for security and threat intelligence professionals. The new company merges Control Risks’ CORE online platform with the machine learning backbone from Geospark Analytics’ Hyperion platform.

Seerist provides the only augmented analytics solution that integrates continuous-learning expert, in-location human analysis with artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms specifically designed to deliver early, actionable and strategic insight for corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government organizations.

Seasoned Leaders Guiding Seerist

Leading the new company are seasoned executives who bring broad experience from Geospark Analytics and Control Risks:

  • Jim Brooks, former Control Risks Chief Operations Officer, is leading Seerist as its Chief Executive Officer
  • John Goolgasian, former Geospark Analytics President, is Seerist’s Chief Product and Innovation Officer
  • Eddie Everett is Chief Growth Officer at Seerist after leading Control Risks’ Products and Partnerships

“Seerist is solely focused on delivering the most advanced threat and risk intelligence solution on the market. Continuously enhancing and expanding the capabilities of the solution is our only mission, in order to ensure clients have the data and information they need to make critical decisions to help them save people, assets, resources, and time,” said Jim Brooks, Seerist’s CEO. “The extent of critical, yet unsolved challenges facing businesses and governments in the threat and risk marketplace is unpalatable. Seerist is uniquely positioned to change that dynamic.”

Accelerating a Vision

With the launch of Seerist, Control Risks and Geospark Analytics leaders are accelerating their vision to create an organization solely focused on advanced risk intelligence solutions, harnessing the power of AI and expert human analysis. This synergy enables them to innovate threat and risk intelligence solutions much quicker.

“Control Risks’ investment in Seerist and spinning off of our online monitoring platform is a game-changing move for the industry,” said Nick Allan, Control Risks’ CEO. “It will supercharge the technology-enabled analysis solutions we are able to offer clients, giving them what they need to better run their businesses and protect their people and assets.”

“The time is right; increased computer power, machine-learning algorithms, and data ubiquity truly enable the promise of applied artificial intelligence and machine learning for the risk and threat space,” said Omar Balkissoon, Geospark Analytics’ founder and CEO. “The valuable predictive intelligence that Seerist is able to deliver today to clients is going to grow with orders of magnitude. It’s going to be exciting to watch how Seerist continues to enhance and develop the solution over the next several years.”

Combined Expert Capabilities Deliver Impactful Results

Seerist brings together an array of talent, including Geospark Analytics’ software developers, engineers, and data scientists with Control Risks’ online intelligence and content experts, and client support, sales, and product management teams from both organizations.

The combined global organization empowers the Seerist solution with advanced risk intelligence solutions to automate the collection of millions of datasets from across the globe. This enables the assessment of activity anomalies, stability shifts, volatility swings, variations in political and popular sentiment, and much more. Its algorithms, part of our advanced risk intelligence solutions, eliminate the noise before seasoned, in-location analysts verify the activity. The intuitive Seerist risk intelligence platform delivers industry-leading, real-time insights with enhanced accuracy and relevance, allowing security and operational users to make rapid and reliable decisions, as well as strategic analysis of trends over longer time horizons.

Seerist’s Advanced Risk Intelligence Solutions: Redefining Threat and Security Analysis

Seerist’s augmented analytics solution combines AI, machine learning, and expert human analysis to deliver trustworthy threat intelligence. By automating the collection of global data, capturing various shifts and swings, and filtering out the noise, Seerist provides valuable insights. These insights are seamlessly integrated into a user-friendly dashboard, ensuring swift and dependable decision-making in crucial moments.

Book a demo to see Seerist’s threat intelligence tools in action or follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about how Seerist helps you stay ahead of the curve.

About Control Risks

Control Risks is a global specialist risk consultancy that helps to create secure, compliant and resilient organisations in an age of ever-changing risk. Working across disciplines, technologies, and geographies, everything we do is based on our belief that taking risks is essential to our clients’ success. We provide you with the insight to focus resources and ensure you are prepared to resolve the issues and crises that occur in any ambitious global organisation. We go beyond problem-solving and give you the insight and intelligence you need to realise opportunities and grow.


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