Seerist Federal Overview

Seerist Federal, formerly known as Geospark Analytics, is sponsored by the U.S. Space Force, our SBIR Phase III commercialization contract is a five (5) year firm fixed-price, IDIQ Government-wide contract. This enterprise-level contract provides near real time situational awareness capabilities to the entire U.S. federal government, enabling users to make better decisions faster. We identify and forecast emerging events from social media, news and other sources on a global scale to mitigate risk, recognize threats, greatly enhance indications and warnings and provide predictive analytics capabilities.

Ease of Acquisition

We offer Seerist to provide real-time forecasting and situational awareness support to the federal government to identify and predict emerging events while mitigating risks on a global level. Our contract offers a full suite of Seerist products, services, and solutions. Our precompeted SBIR Phase III contract enables:
  • Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) compliance
  • Faster acquisition
  • Simplified acquisition – task orders on existing contract
  • Flexibility to meet your mission – platform, data, services and training

Seerist Ordering Guide

Step 1

Provide a scope determination to the SAIO Acquisition Office at ( with subject: GEOSPARK CONTROL REQUEST FA2544-20-D-0001.

Step 2

The USSF Acquisition Office contracting officer will provide a control number

Step 3

The issuing contract office will use their local DoDAAC/PIID for all ordering procedures.

Step 4

Contract office will issue an RFQ/RFP to Seerist Federal.

Step 5

Submit task order award on the decentralized contract directly with Seerist Federal.

Purchasing Options


Seerist SaaS Platform

User/Tier FFP and
Enterprise-Wide Subscription


Seerist Data & Machine Learning Models API


ESRI Feature Services

Integrated Seerist Data
& Machine Learning Models


AI/ML Modeling
Data Sciences


Virtual and On-Site


This contract vehicle is available to all US Federal Government Agencies through decentralized ordering.


Seerist Federal

John Goolgasian
President, Seerist Federal
P: 800-674-8398
18213 Cypress Point Terrace
Leesburg, VA 20176

USSAF Acquisition Office

Susan Hashemi
Contracting Officer
P: 719-554-6062 

Contract Details

Contract Name

Seerist Federal’s AI-Driven Global Risks and Threats Assessments SBIR Phase III IDIQ Government-wide contract

Contract number


Step 3

Year 1: 4 September 2020 – 3 September 2021
Year 2: 4 September 2021 – 3 September 2022
Year 3: 4 September 2022 – 3 September 2023
Year 4: 4 September 2023 – 3 September 2024
Year 5: 4 September 2024 – 3 September 2025

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