Supply Chain Disruption Risk Alert Preceding Ottawa Rally

Seerist monitors stability in Ottawa, Canada, assessing the potential supply chain disruption risk as the Freedom Rally proceeds to disrupt shipping and supply chain operations. PulseAI Alert notifications and Analysis updates kept teams up to date as the situation worsened.


PulseAI Begins Plummeting

Stability starts declining when Ottawa doubles down on vaccine mandate for truckers as convoy heads for Ottawa.

stability score in Ottowa


Pulse Alert and Hotspot Triggered
Hotspot in Ottawa, Canada

PulseAI drops 13 points triggering a Pulse Alert notification that stability in the city was dropping. Additionally, Seerist triggered an Unrest hotspot notifying users that more people than normal were talking about planned protests in the city.


PulseAI Hits a 60 – day Low

Protestors continue moving towards Ottawa and another day of gridlock is anticipated in the city. Hotspot notifying our users of Unrest also remains in the city on January 30th.

Ottawa Stability Score


Analysts Anticipate Continued Supply Chain Disruptions

A Verified Event and an Analysis update were issued that disruptions are likely to continue, contributing to ongoing shipping and supply chain issues.


Ottawa Mayor Declares State of Emergency


Rally in Ottawa Unlikely to Remain Isolated Event

Although further demonstrations of this scale will be rare, there have already been several smaller rallies supporting the Ottawa demonstration in other Canadian cities – most notably in Edmonton, which caused disruptions downtown, and a smaller one in Winnipeg. At least one key border crossing for US-Canada supply chains was also obstructed on the Canadian side. Furthermore, convoys organizing in Quebec and British Columbia caused extensive traffic towards Ottawa. While most of these incidents have subsided, limited disruptions are likely to continue in Canada.

Protests are expected to continue not only in Ottawa but also globally, posing a supply chain disruption risk that could become widespread. After seeing the impact, intelligence and security teams can proactively create alerts to monitor for this specific movement across the globe.

*Analysis provided by strategic partnership with Control Risks

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